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History of the Program  

Professor William Lewis, a leading tenor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City form 1958 to 1992,  the founder and director of the Austrian American Mozart Academy in Salzburg for 13 years, has discontinued the Salzburg Academy in order to concentrate all his efforts on the developpment of the  Franco American Vocal Academy. The program was launched 2007 by Professor Lewis and Frédérique Added from the Paris Opera with great success for students and public alike.

FAVA is a non-discriminatory Not-for-Profit Corporation.

FAVA is affiliated with the University of Texas, Butler School of music.

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Franco American Vocal Academy is to promote the French Lyric Music. We offer a unique Professional training program in Périgord, France for the study and performance of French Repertoire. The FAVA annual contests are designed to reward the most promising young singers of this repertoire.