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Singers between 21 and 31

Application material:

One CD with three French Art Songs by three different French Composers (from France).

Your voice type has to be: Tenor, Baritone or Bass 

Proof of Age


Online Application

There will be preliminary selections of the contestants based on  the CD. Ten finalists will be chosen. Finals will take place in Austin, TX, on February 28, 2009.

Once you have been selected for the contest, you will be asked to submit your contest repertoire by January 15, 2008.

Contest repertoire: 5 French Art Songs by at least three different French Composers (from France). The Art Songs for the CD can be used for the contest.

Material should be sent to


10208 Sausalito Drive

Austin, TX 78759

Application deadline (postmarked): Dec 1, 2008

The finals will take place at the University of Texas in Austin. Participants will be responsible for their individual airfare to Austin, Texas, and for their transportation to and from the Hotel. The organization will be responsible for lodging during the contest and transportation to and from the contest. Accompanists will be provided. Reharsals with the pianists are scheduled for February 27, 2009. The travel to Paris and the lodging in Paris for the three winners will be provided.

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