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All our gratitude to the professors supporting FAVA goals (in alphabetical order by first name)  

Promote, Teach and Inspire young singers in the French Lyric Art

Amy Pfrimmer, Tulane University

Andrew Clark, Tufts University

Benjamin Smolder, Miami University

Brian Leeper, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Bruce Fowler, Stephen F. Austin State University

Buck Ross, University of Houston

Cara Tasher, University of North Florida

Carol Mastrodomenico, Tufts University

Carlos Montane, Indiana University

Carol Kimball, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Carol Vaness, Indiana University

Caroline Smith, DePauw University

Cary Michaels, Texas State University

Catherine Verrilli, St. Cloud State University

Cesar Ulloa, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Cherie Caluda, University of Hartford

Christine Donahue, University of Central Arkansas

Christopher Arneson, Rider University

Constance Rock, University of Connecticut

Cynthia Munzer, University of Southern California

Dale Moore, Indiana University and Eastman School of Music

Dale Morehouse, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Dan Marek, Mannes College of Music

Darlene Wiley, University of Texas, Austin

David Grogan, Texas Christian University

David Okerlund, Florida State University

David Playfair, Brandon University

David Ripley, University of New Hampshire

Deanna Murray, California State University, Northridge

Dennis Jesse, Louisiana State University

Dominic Cossa, University of Maryland

Donald Simonson,Iowa State University

Ellen Frohnmayer, Loyola University

Elisabeth Harrington, Humboldt State University

Elizabeth McDonald, Queens University, Canada

Elizabeth Mumford Cowan, Western Michigan University

Enrique Toral, San Diego State University

Eric Thomas, Houghton College

Erik Johanson, University of Toledo

Frances Brockington, Wayne State University

Frank Kelley, Boston University

Freda Herseth, University of Michigan

Frederick Burchinal, University of Georgia

Frederick Kennedy, Tennessee Technological University

Frederick Urrey, Rutgers University

Gail Robinson-Oturu, Austin Peay State University

Gary Glaze, University of Southern California

George Shirley, University of Michigan

Ginette Duplessis, University of Toronto 

Gwen Coleman Detwiler, State University of New York, Fredonia

Gwenlynn Little, University of Western Ontario

Hallie Hogan, Elon University

Harry Musselwhite, Berry College

Jacque Trussel, Purchase University

Janice Yoes, University of Arkansas

Jean MacPhail, University of Toronto and Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada

Jerald Reynolds, University of South Florida

Jerrold Pope, Boston University

Jill Pearon, Potsdam University

Joey Martin, Texas State University

John Duykers, Oakland Studio

John Mount, University of Hawaii, Manoa

John Shirley-Quirk, Peabody Institute

Jon Garrison, Rowan University

Judith Cloud, Northern Arizona University

Judith Nicosia, Rutgers University

Julia Faulkner, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Juliana Gondek, University of California, Los Angeles

Julie Pruett, Abilene Christian University

Julie Wood, Texas State University, San Marcos

Julie Wright Costa, University of Utah

Kate Emerich, University of Denver

Katherine Ciesinski, Eastman School of Music

Kenneth Cox, University of Denver

Kimberly Barber, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Krzysztof Biernacki, University of North Florida

Larry Frazier, University of West Georgia

Laura Diddle, South Dakota State University

Linda Allison, American University

Linda Considine, New World School of the Arts

Lindsey Christiansen, Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Lori McCann, Montclair State University

Lorna MacDonald, University of Toronto

Lynne Eustis, University of North Texas

Lynn Jemison-Keisker, Utah State University

Malcolm Walker, Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique, Paris

Margaret Astrup, Western Connecticut State University

Margaret Dehning, Chapman University

Margaret Field, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

Maria Spacagna, Boston University

Mary Brown Bonacci, Westfield State College

Mary Burgess, Bignhamton University, SUNY

Matthew DiCamillo, Elon University

Michael Scarbrough, Abilene Christian University

Miriam Charney, Manhattan School of Music and Vassar College

Myra Merritt, Bowling Green State University

Nancy Elledge, Texas Christian University

Nancy Hermiston, University of British Columbia

Nancy Walker, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Nick Perna, West Virginia University

Orit Eylon, University of Texas, El Paso

Outi Kahkonen, Sibelius Academy, Finland

Patricia Miller, George Mason University

Patricia O'Neill, Louisiana State University

Patricia Stiles, Indiana University

Patrick Mason, University of Colorado, Boulder

Patti Peterson, University of Colorado, Boulder

Paul Rowe, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Philip Frohnmayer, Loyola State University

Phyllis Bryn-Julson, Peabody Conservatory

Polly Butler-Cornelius, Elon University

Rachel Joselson, University of Iowa

Rebecca Folsom, Boston Conservatory

Richard Fracker, Michigan State University

Richard Kennedy, Pennsylvania State University

Richard Kosowski, Mercer University

Robert DeSimone, University of Texas, Austin

Robert Harrison, Indiana University

Robin Rice, Ohio State University

Rose Taylor, University of Texas, Austin

Ruth Crews, University of Texas, Pan American

Sandra McClain, Florida Atlantic University

Sandra Graham, University of Ottawa, Canada

Sangeetha Rayapati, Augustana College

Scott LaGraff, Stephen F. Austin State University

Sharon Stephenson, Georgia State University

Sheila Allen, Texas Christian University

Shigemi Matsumoto, University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach

Soo Hong Kim, University of Texas, Arlington

Sophie Roland, University of Western Ontario

Stanford Olsen, Florida State University

Stephanie Pierce, University of Georgia

Stephen Bryant, William Paterson University

Stephen Lancaster, University of Notre Dame

Stephen Lusmann, University of Michigian

Stephen Totter, Carnegie Mellon University

Steve Smith, Juilliard School of Music

Susan Hinshaw, Portland State University

Susan Quigley-Duggan, Central Methodist University

Sylvia Anderson, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Sylvia McClain, University of Connecticut

Sylvia Stone, University of Illinois

Taina Kataja, Rutgers University

Tamara Matthews, Furman University

Teresa Zylis-Gara

Theodore Baerg, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Theodore Sipes, Virginia Tech

Thomas King, Austin Peay State University

Tod Fitzpatrick, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Todd Wieczorek, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Tracy Cowden. Virginia Tech

Valerie Lippoldt Mack, Butler Community College

Van Anthoney Hall, North Carolina A&T State University

Veronique Boitel-Burchinal, University of Georgia

Vinson Cole, New England Conservatory of Music and University of Missouri, Kansas City

Wendy Hillhouse, San Francisco Conservatory of Music


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If you wish to be on the list of Professors supporting FAVA, please fill in the form  

* - marked fields are required.