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Art Song Recitals  

Singers are required to bring four French Art Songs, including at least one Art Song composed by a living French  composer.

For help, here is a list of living French composers. It is not an exhaustive list.

If you wish to add a composer or a song to this list, please let us know.

You are welcome to contact us for suggestions.

*Isabelle Aboulker (who will be giving a master class during the program in France)

Je t'aime: for soprano coloratura

Femmes en Fables: 4 songs for soprano

Lettre d'Amour: for high baritone

L'inconstante: for soprano

Le Mot est l'Excuse de la Pensee: for soprano

Savoir-vivre et Usages Mondains: 3 songs for baritone

L'Archet: for soprano

*Henri Dutilleux

San Francisco Night: for medium voice

Deux Sonnets de Jean Cassou: 2 songs for medium-low voice

Quatre Melodies: 4 songs for baritone or mezzo-soprano

Pour une Amie Perdue: for soprano

*Graciane Finzi

La Robe de l'Univers: for bass-baritone

Pale Aurore: for soprano

La Lune a la Fenetre: for tenor

Tout le Jour

La Vie et l'Amour

L'Ocean des Ages

T'en souvient-il?

*Betsy Jolas

5 Poemes de Jacques Dupin: 5 songs for soprano

Plupart du Temps: 6 songs for mezzo-soprano

De Nuit: 2 songs for mezzo, a capella

Chansons pour Paule: 13 short songs for medium voice

*Jean-Louis Martinet

La Ville est Heureuse: for soprano

Trois Poemes de Rene Char: 3 songs for medium voice

Christophe de Coudenhove

Philippe Hersant

*Jean-Michel Damase

Jeux de l'Amour: 3 songs for tenor

Alouette: fro bass-baritone

Fille de Mars: for soprano

*Monique Gabus

Musique: for mezzo-soprano

Gerard Pesson

*Jean-Thierry Boisseau

L'Oiseau Lyre: for soprano

*Pierick Houdy

Ballade des Menus Propos: for soprano

Denise Aignerelle

Trois melodies: 3 songs for bass-baritone or mezzo-soprano

Alain Weber (For the music, please contact us)

L'Amoureuse: for medium voice

Offrande Obscure: for medium voice

Coeur de Brume: for medium voice

Jean-Jacques Werner

L'Oiseau Inaugural

3 Poemes de Roger Asselineau: for mezzo-soprano

Les 10 Etapes du Boeuf

Renaud Gagneux

Quatre Mots pour Juliette

Michel Decoust

Cafe Theatre

5 Melodies

Sept Chansons Erotiques

* These composers have been sung by last year's students


Examples of websites where music from these composers can be purchased:



http://www.alphonseleduc.eu/ (search by last name only)