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Outstanding Faculty  

"Dear Profs. Lewis and Added, I cannot thank the both of you  enough for everything -- it was truly the most rewarding summer of my life, and it is really helping me find direction in this last year of  undergraduate study before moving on to graduate school."


Prof. William Lewis , Metropolitan Opera, Univerity of Texas at Austin

Prof. Frederique Added ,Paris Opera

Prof. Teresa Zylis-Gara , Metropolitan Opera

Prof. Carlos Montane, Metropolitan Opera, Indiana University

Isabelle Aboulker, Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris

Angela Bianca Beaton, Rutgers University

Dr. Clinton Smith, Minnesota Opera

Dr. Tzu-Yun Chen, pianist/coach

Justine Verdier, pianist/coach 

Soon Min Jeon, pianist/coach

Pedro Paulo Rosa, Choreographer

Richard Mailfert, French Language