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Domaine d'Essendieras, a magnificent Château 20 km from St-Yrieix

Le Fin Chapon, Excideuil, hostellerie-fin-chapon@wanadoo.fr

La Tour Blanche, St-Yrieix

Les Platanes, St-Yrieix center

Hotel de France et de Russie, Thiviers

Guest Houses  

Friends and supporters of FAVA:

Eugénie et Gérard, a charming intimate guest house in Excideuil

La Belle Epoque, Excideuil

La Grange de Preyssac, luxuous rooms in an ancient farm owned by active supporters of FAVA, between St-Yrieix and Excideuil. Contact: Anne Liaubet at:comite.talleyrand@orange.fr


Trudy Hasker : Bed and Breakfast in St-Yrieix. geeandtee@wanadoo.fr

Laplaud Farmhouse, Glandon, 5km from St-Yrieix

Domaine du Masvieux, Le Chalard, 10 km for St Yrieix

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